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The Circle is a historical Hetalia blog that provides informative and entertaining articles about history’s events, people, and oddities. We also host community events on special occasions. Let’s show the world that Hetalia fans can be intelligent and tactful.


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Saying goodbye.

Running this blog has been a journey of amazing experiences, but we no longer have the time to run this blog so we’re sad to announce that we’ll be closing until further notice.

There is a chance we might look for another group to take over and run the blog, but nothing is definite at this point. No matter what happens, we’re just glad we were able to inspire fellow fans and bring people together.

We hope everyone continues writing and drawing and designing and loving Hetalia. Continue to be passionate about learning and discovering more about the world. Continue to prove them wrong.

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Hey there! Hope you're doing good today 8D I just wanted to ask if you had another WTHIH-like project in mind? Maybe something similar asking to film people at the Hetalia Day in October, all over the world? I missed the WTHIH deadline but wanted to participate so it would be cool if you had plans like that for the near future. I'd also love to help if you need a project assistant or something! Thanks for your time :D

We would love to put another project like WTHiH, and there certainly is no shortage of good ideas and dedicated fans. Help is always appreciated, too.

Where the Hell is Hetalia?

It’s finally here! The long awaited, global project is complete, all thanks to you wonderful fans and volunteers.

This is our fandom, everyone. We come from all over the place and have different stories, ideals, and reasons for being here, but we all love Hetalia.


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((Project Hetalia speaks-

Have you ever heard of Korean Students Speak? It’s a rather inspiring blog, aimed at getting South Korean students to speak their mind. This is one of the most inspiring blogs I’ve ever come across, and this is what I want to do with Hetalia.

I want Hetalians of all kinds- cosplayers, artists, writers, whatever, to write a simple message. It can be as simple as “Eat healthy”  or as deep as “Don’t let others determine your interests.” The basis is to promote good feelings and good will throughout this fandom and beyond, and I believe that, as a fandom of a show where a big message is to promote world peace via comedy, that we can not only promote world peace but we can inspire people to feel good and do good.

To join this project, simply take a picture/video/gif/draw/write a message, write your URL on it, and tag it with, “aph speaks”! We can do this!))

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If you could describe the Hetalia fandom in one sentence, what would you say?

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Hiya there! I'm just wondering that have you heard about cosplay group Rintamasuunta? They seem to have very cool hetalia cosplays and even performances with many people!! youtube. com/ rintamasuunta & rintamasuunta. deviantart. com/

I personally have not, but there’s always room to appreciate a great cosplay group!


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WTHIH update from Bad

Hey, followers.

Unfortunately, it seems like my computer is having a meltdown which means I can’t edit together the clips to make our video. But because everyone deserves this video, we’re opening up to the community.

Does anyone out there want to help us by pulling the video together? We’ll supply the clips and mp3 so all you’d have to do it put them together into a awe-inspiring video that showcases how global and fantastic the Hetalia fandom is! You will be credited for your work (and everyone will love you).

If anyone is interested, our inbox is right this way.

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Excited for Where the Hell is Hetalia?

Because it’s coming soon. Like, this week soon.

And it’s going to be amazing.

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Do you hear the people sing?
Lost in the valley of the night.
It is the music of a people
Who are climbing to the light.

For the wretched of the earth,
There is a flame that never dies.
Even the darkest night will end
And the sun will rise.


They will live again in freedom
In the garden of the Lord.
They will walk behind the plowshare,
They will put away the sword.
The chain will be broken and
All men shall have their reward!


Will you join in our crusade?
Who will be strong and stand with me?
Somewhere beyond the barricade,
Is there a world you long to see?

Do you hear the people sing?
Say, do you hear the distant drums?
It is the future that they bring
When tomorrow comes!


24 years. Still not forgotten.

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Hey, followers!

We’re going to be taking a little break from posting as we work through some brand new ideas and concepts “behind the scenes.”

But don’t fret! Where the Hell is Hetalia is set to hit Youtube next month, so that’s something to look forward to.

Enjoy your summer!

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